Uzbeks Celebrate Birthday of .uz by Deploying DNSSEC

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May 5, 2021

The administrators of the Uzbek country-code top-level-domain (ccTLD) are celebrating the 26th birthday of .uz in the best way possible: by deploying DNSSEC. In their announcement of this happy news, UZINFOCOM highlight that the .uz ccTLD now boasts 92,000 registered domains, having grown by over 50% in just the last three years.

The celebrations include the release of a limited-edition commemorative postage stamp. The stamp depicts hands symbolically supporting the globe and the .UZ 25 monogram in the colours of the national flag, symbolizing that the domain is part of the global network. The release was delayed by a year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. As the announcement notes, “Cases of issuing a postage stamp in honour of the national domain are very rare”.

The .uz ccTLD joins the 139 other ccTLD domains around the world that have signed their domains and deployed security keys into the root zone. This is only a first step to more widespread DNSSEC deployment, but it’s an important one. Incentivising registrants to sign their domains is also key, as is encouraging local ISPs to enable DNSSEC validation in the recursive resolvers they provide to their subscribers.

You can continue to observe the steady increase in ccTLD DNSSEC adoption (and now the adoption of DNSSEC validation too) via our Pulse Enabling Technologies page.

Photo by Yumi Kim on Unsplash