TLS1.3 Adoption Boosted by Amazon CloudFront

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September 30, 2020

Amazon has announced that their content distribution service CloudFront will now support TLS1.3 for viewer connections. Amazon identify the improved security and performance provided by the latest version of the TLS protocol as key benefits. Their testing shows latency reductions of up to 33% for ‘time-to-first-byte’, meaning more responsive websites for end users.

Many popular Internet applications like e-mail and web browsers use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure traffic against eavesdropping and against data being tampered with while in transit between clients and servers. Over time, flaws in early versions of TLS have been identified leading to substantial improvements to the protocol.

The latest version, TLS 1.3, provides enhanced security and fewer avenues for attackers to find new flaws. TLS 1.3 has also been shown to improve performance, with secure connections taking less time to be established, helping to demonstrate that optimizations can be made without compromising on security. Improving the security of Internet applications of all kinds is imperative for a healthy and growing Internet.

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Photo by Mike Kononov on Unsplash