Internet Society India – Hyderabad Chapter: Internet Measurements, Global Policy and Online Privacy Workshop

Picture of Bala Prasad Peddigari
Guest Author | Secretary, ISOC India Hyderabad Chapter
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November 22, 2021

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it” – Lord Kelvin

On November 11, 2021. The Internet Society India – Hyderabad Chapter organized a one-day workshop on Internet Measurements, Global Policy and Online Privacy. Held in virtual mode, the workshop was moderated by Internet Society Pulse Internet Resilience expert, Amreesh Phokeer, and was attended by over 40 chapter members and experts working in the Internet measurement space, who gathered to share their research outcomes and the impact that was created.

K. Mohan Raidu, President ISOC India Hyderabad Chapter, kicked off the workshop by giving an overview of the chapter’s activities and gave a summary of the events the chapter has conducted and collaborated on so far. 

Prof. Sambuddho Chakravarty, IIIT Delhi, then shared his experience and provided a comprehensive perspective of the censorship infrastructure in India and explained how censored traffic is managed and implemented by Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Anurag Bhatia, Hurricane Electric, gave an insightful talk on Indian traffic getting routed from outside India. He shared his views on how optimizing routing across thousands of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) adjacencies and using monitoring tools can help to improve Internet performance.

Romaine Fontugne, IIJ Japan and a Pulse data partner, explained his work on Autonomous Systems Hegemony to measure network dependency. He gave an overview on how the Internet is composed and how networks rely on each other to provide global connectivity. Consequently, the reachability of a network depends greatly on the connectivity of other networks, and the understanding of interdependencies between Autonomous Systems (ASes) is essential for deployment decisions, routing decisions, and connectivity troubleshooting. To better quantify these dependencies, IIJ Japan has devised a metric called AS hegemony.

Next, Hanna Kreitem, Internet Society Pulse Internet Shutdowns expert, shared an outside-in view of Internet shutdowns, outages, and other disruptions.

Finally, Bala Peddigari, Secretary Internet Society India Hyderabad Chapter, summarized the overall proceedings of the workshop and thanked all of the speakers who gave impactful and insightful talks throughout the workshop. The workshop gave a new perspective on Internet measurement, the global policies around it, and how online privacy is getting closely monitored and reviewed.

You can watch the session recording here.