Why We’re Helping to Measure the Internet

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Director Communications, Internet Society
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December 9, 2020

This article was first published on the Internet Society Blog

Here at the Internet Society, we’ve always known that the Internet can be an integral part of our existence. 2020 has shown us that we need stable, reliable, and available Internet for everyone, everywhere.

Much of our work – and the work of the organizations that facilitate the smooth functioning of the Internet – is focused on helping to increase the Internet’s reach, reliability, resilience, availability and security. One of the ways we can track whether these efforts are working is to collect and measure data on various facets of the Internet. This helps to build up a bigger picture of the Internet’s development over time and the resulting data can be used to inform and support policy, investment, and education.

Internet Society Pulse

Internet Society Pulse was launched in December 2020 to provide a curated set of insights to help everyone gain deeper, data-driven insight into the Internet. We’re collating data from several trusted organizations – data partners – and will examine Internet trends, generate reports, and tell data-driven stories on how the Internet is evolving.

In this blog, we catch up with some of our data partners and prominent members of the Internet measurement community to find out more about why measuring the Internet helps to ensure that everyone, everywhere can better understand the health, availability, and evolution of the Internet…[read more]

Image by Oleg Dmitrochenko from Pixabay