Transition to IPv6: Worrying Delays Persist

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July 4, 2023

If we believe the interactive map proposed by Arcep, France is rather well positioned. With an IPv6 utilization rate of nearly 63%, our nation would rank third in the countries studied, behind India and Malaysia. According to the regulator’s forecasts, French consumer subscribers should have IPv6 activated by default at 94% on landline and 88% on mobile by mid-2025.

If you zoom in by operator, the market offers strong disparities. On mobile, the results are encouraging. Bouygues Telecom leads the dance with 89% of customers activated in IPv6 in mid-2022. Orange and SFR rank behind with rates of 71% and 49%. Despite the compatibility of its mobile network with IPv6, Free Mobile records a very low percentage (1%) because the IPv6 protocol is not enabled by default.

The situation is less satisfactory on fixed networks except Free and Orange, which offer high IPv6 activation rates with about 99% and 89% respectively. Bouygues Telecom continues its efforts with a rate of 53% in mid-2022 compared to about 44% of customers activated in mid-2021. Starting from afar with 4.1% in mid-2021, SFR now reaches 22%.