The Destruction of Gaza’s Internet Is Complete

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October 27, 2023

For more than three weeks, Gaza has faced an almost total internet blackout. The cables, cell towers, and infrastructure needed to keep people online have been damaged or destroyed as Israel launched thousands of missiles in response to Hamas attacking Israel and taking hundreds of hostages on October 7. Then, this evening, amid reports of heavy bombing in Gaza, some of the last remaining connectivity disappeared.

Hanna Kreitem, a senior adviser for internet technology and development in the Middle East and North Africa at the Internet Society, an open internet advocacy nonprofit, says Palestinian firms have a “big reliance” on Israeli internet firms… Kreitem says that a lack of electricity and access to the equipment will have made an impact on top of any physical damage to communications networks. “We don’t know how many of the people that actually operate these networks are still alive,” Kreitem says. “The network operators are part of the world there, there’s no place for them to run. They are as affected as any other person.”

Via Wired