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Stop Exam-related Internet Shutdowns in 2024

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April 30, 2024

Governments across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) repeatedly and unjustifiably use Internet shutdowns during school exams as a cautionary measure to stop students from cheating.

In 2023, exam-related shutdowns accounted for nearly half of all shutdowns Pulse tracked globally for the year.

These shutdowns not only impact students but also millions of other people, resulting in public outrage as essential social, political, economic, and cultural activities and online services come to a complete standstill. According to NetLoss, Iraq alone lost more than USD $13M in Gross Domestic Product in 2023 due to the 24 exam-related shutdowns it imposed.

That’s why Access NowSMEX, and the Internet Society are closely monitoring the Internet during exams in the following countries in 2024:

AlgeriaBaccalaureate exams9—13 June 2024
IraqFinal exams12 May to 8 June 2024
JordanGeneral Secondary Education Certificate Examination (Tawjihi exams)25 June to 15 July 2024
SyriaBaccalaureate exams:25 May to 13 June 2024

Over the next three months, we will feature stories from the people and countries impacted and share resources to help you join the effort to demand authorities guarantee open access to the Internet at all times. MENA governments must hear our call: #NoExamShutdown! 

Photo by Magharebia Via Flickr