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#NoExamShutdown Webinar

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Senior Communication and Technology Advisor, Internet Society
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May 4, 2023

Every year, with millions of students in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) sitting for national secondary and high school exams, governments regularly implement nationwide Internet shutdowns during examinations to foil students’ attempts at cheating or sharing exam questions. This has become, unfortunately, a real challenge in the region. Culprits of this draconian measure include Sudan, Algeria, Jordan, Iraq, and Syria.

Learn how to Take Action Against Exam Shutdowns

Join us to discuss the impact of government-ordered Internet shutdowns planned for upcoming exams in Algeria, Jordan, Iraq, Mauritania, and Syria and how you can demand authorities guarantee open access to the Internet at all times.

When: Wednesday, 10 May from 15:00 UTC+3

Watch a recording of the webinar in Arabic and English below.


Picture of Afef AbrouguiAfef Abrougui, Lead Researcher @ SMEX
Picture of Fatima Zohra Feriel MenouarFatima Zohra Feriel Menouar, National Coordinator of Salamat Algeria and Digital Safety Trainer @ Digital Arabic Network
Picture of Asia AbdulkareemAsia Abdulkareem, Project Coordinator @ INSM
Picture of Hanna KreitemHanna Kreitem, Senior Advisor, Internet Technology and Development – MENA @ Internet Society

Photo by Bima Rahmanda on Unsplash