New Year, New Name

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Director Communications, Internet Society
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March 1, 2021

In order to align better with the Internet Society’s brand strategy, and to further differentiate our platform from other products with similar names, we have decided to rename our measurement platform.

As of 1 March, 2021, Insights will be known as Internet Society Pulse.   

The new URL is: 

A redirect will be implemented so that anyone navigating to the previous URL will be automatically taken to Internet Society Pulse

And, if you follow us on Twitter, you’ll see that our handle has been changed from @isoc_insights to @isoc_pulse.

The platform’s look and feel will not change.

Looking Ahead

We launched Insights in early December 2020 and are extremely proud of the impact that the platform has had in just three short months. We’re looking forward to ramping up the platform further in 2021 and will be adding three new focus areas throughout the year:

  • Internet Resilience
  • The Internet Way of Networking (IWN)
  • Keeping Traffic Local 

 In 2021, we’ll also expand our analysis and reporting offerings, increase our engagement with the Internet measurements community, bring on board more data partners and add new features to the platform.

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