Haryana government extends internet shutdown in Nuh district, says ‘situation still critical and tense’

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August 12, 2023

Haryana government has extended the suspension of internet and SMS services in Nuh district of the state till August, describing the situation there as ‘critical and tense’. The suspension of internet services in Nuh district had earlier been extended till August 8 and then till August 11.

“I am of the considered view that there is a clear potential for disruption of public utilities, damage to public assets and amenities and disturbance of public law and order in district Nuh on account of misuse of the internet services by way of the spread of inflammatory material and false rumours, which are being/could be transmitted and circulated to the public through social media/ messaging services on mobile internet service, SMS services and other dongle services,” Haryana Home Secretary was quoted by ANI as saying.

Via Mint