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Announcing 2024 Pulse Research Fellows

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April 4, 2024

The Internet Society is pleased to announce the 2024 cohort of Pulse Research Fellows — Jan Marius Evang, Yasir Haq, James Madeley, and Mike Vandersanden.

Over the next eight months, Jan Marius, Yasir, James, and Mike will work with the Internet Society Pulse Research team to develop their proposed research projects. The Fellowship allows individuals to bring new perspectives, innovative ideas, and research experience to the Pulse project to improve our understanding and analysis of the health and evolution of the Internet.

Enhancing National Internet Resilience: Balancing Openness and Security
Jan Marius Evang

The project will conduct a multifaceted analysis of Internet openness, delving into various perspectives through focused research efforts on significant themes. These themes include the challenge of balancing security with openness and resilience and the potential impact of increased control on digital liberties. Moreover, the project scrutinizes the transition from reliance on global cloud services to national autonomy while evaluating the regulatory landscape influencing Internet openness and resilience. #Internet Resilience
Measuring the Resilience of the DNS Ecosystem
Yasir Haq

The project will explore the security and resilience of the DNS ecosystem. It will measure and illustrate the adoption of security and resilience techniques among websites under ccTLDs and large gTLDs, including DNSSEC, DoS protection services, Anycast, and nameserver redundancy. #Internet Resilience
LocalViz: Measuring and Visualizing Internet Traffic Locality
James Madeley

The project will test a novel methodology for determining traffic locality, comparing previous measurement tools, and creating visualizations for a clear presentation of the results. This project works towards the Internet Society’s 50/50 Vision. #Keeping Local Traffic Local
Digital Vigilance: Identifying Network Interference
Mike Vandersanden

The project contributes to identifying network interference by developing a holistic system. It aims to help automate the analysis of data sources by cross-correlating the results of diverse interference detection methods and supplying comprehensive insights that assist analysis processes. #Internet Shutdowns

Thanks to everyone who applied. We received 157 applications from 49 countries, from which 14 were selected to provide a detailed project proposal. All shortlisted projects were very high quality and relevant to Pulse’s four focuses that seek to measure and make sense of Internet shutdowns, Internet enabling technologies, Internet resilience, and market concentration.

Stay tuned for project updates from the fellows via the Pulse Blog and Pulse Newsletter.

Photo by Maxime Horlaville on Unsplash