Journalist Seminar

Attend a Free Online Seminar on Internet Shutdowns

In 2023, governments and other actors across 18 countries intentionally disrupted Internet connectivity or blocked access to specific Internet services for their citizens, culminating in more than 2,370 days of disruptions.

These actions, often framed as solutions to civil unrest, misinformation, or exam cheating, are becoming more common, and their ramifications are far-reaching—crippling economies, eroding societal trust, and infringing upon human rights, including the freedom of the press. 

Journalists are at the forefront of exposing these issues and advocating for change. To make sure that journalists are equipped with both policy understanding and technical know-how on reporting Internet shutdowns, the Internet Society is holding a series of online seminars for journalists in 2024.

During the seminars, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Better understand the motivations behind government-imposed Internet shutdowns
  • Take a deep dive into the history and policy landscape of shutdowns
  • Learn about the various forms of shutdowns and their technical nuances
  • Explore the societal and economic impacts
  • Learn strategies for circumventing Internet restrictions


Please register your interest in the following seminars.

RegionDay and TimeRegister
Latin America (Spanish)3 July 2024, 18:00 UTCRegister
South Asia (English)September 2024, TBCRegister
Middle East and North Africa (Arabic)October 2024, TBC
Françafrique (French)20 November 2024, TBC