Internet Shutdowns

Iran (Islamic Republic of)

19 September, 2022 16:20 - 19:35 (3 hours)

Local Impact

Internet services in Iran’s northwestern Kurdish region were suspended as the government tried to quell protests following the death of a young woman in police custody. This three hour regional outage on Monday, 19 September comes after disrupted services in Tehran and other cities since protests began on 16 September.

Internet shutdowns during protests or civil unrest impact the ability of citizens to get accurate information from government sources when they need it most. It also becomes harder for citizens to contact family members and friends in other parts of the country, or in other countries.

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Data and Analysis

Kordestan province in Iran faced disruptions to Internet access, an interruption is also notable on TCI network, the Telecommunication Company of Iran, with AS58224. This interruption follows a reported cut to mobile data in the city of Saqez by Filterbaan.