IXP Tracker

An Internet exchange point (IXPs) is a physical place, sometimes inside a data center, where different networks send traffic to one another. This is known as peering, and is how one network operator can send data from their network to another, without having to pay. Peering is part of what makes Internet services faster, more reliable, and cheaper. IXPs are vital nodes in the peering ecosystem, and an important part of the global Internet.

Flag of Burundi Burundi

Active Internet Exchange Points

The total number of IXPs in operation in Burundi, as of July 2024.

Active IXP
55.56 %
Proportion of the local Internet that can be reached through IXPs in this country.

IXP capacity growth over time in Burundi

The total of IXPs over time, shown along with the growth in combined capacity.

Country Reports

Internet Society Pulse Country Reports consolidate and provide context for the data that we collect and curate via the four Pulse research tracks. See the country report for Burundi.

IXPs in Burundi

IXP Name Location
Burundi Internet Exchange Point - BDIXP Bujumbura