IPv6, Italy Grows but Remains the Tail for Europe

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July 17, 2023

Italy with its 13.26% has little to brag if we look at the rest of Europe, especially if we look at the IPv6 adoption rates of the other big countries: 73.4% in France, 67.06% in Germany, 66.6% in Belgium, 58.3% in Greece, 48.9% in Hungary. Even Romania does better than Italy with over 29%.

According to the latest AGCOM observatory, TIM holds 40% market share of fixed Internet access, followed by Vodafone with 16.8%, Fastweb with 14.4%, Wind Tre with 14.3%, Tiscali 4.5%. Of these, as seen only Fastweb and for a few weeks Vodafone have been supporting IPv6 on their fixed network. If only TIM made a move, Italy could take a big leap forward.

Via dday.it